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Transforming concepts into realities.
If you’re giving consideration to undertaking a residential development as an SME, Housing Association or PLC, welcome to the first step of that journey. At DCW Group, we provide a cohesive approach from concept to completion to assist you in the delivery a profitable, sustainable and cost-effective development proposal. From land acquisition through to the assembly and appointment of design teams, property development viability studies and marketing, we offer expert advice covering every facet of the development process irrespective of the scale of your build aspiration. Whether you’re a developer, private investor or a corporate institution, you can benefit from our wide range of consultancy and planning services. We offer a professional, diligent service that has been gained and built upon from over 20 years in the property development industry. Our mandate is to assist clients in understanding the vagaries of the land and property development industry helping you make informed commercial decisions based upon the receipt of key professional advice.
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DCW Group was set up in 2018 by Dean Ward. Having spent over 20 years in the residential development sector, cutting his teeth first in agency and then with a major housebuilder, Dean was driven by his desire to offer his clients honest, professional and credible advice tailored to their specific needs across all stages of the development process from acquisition to disposal.

The team at DCW work hard to achieve their clients goals and can provide tailored solutions specific to whatever stage of the development process you find yourself at. Based from our offices in Swansea we cover South Wales and the South West, however due to the technology, tools and network of contacts at our disposal we can assist with opportunities in any geographical location in the UK.

The foundations of the business are built on reputation and we are always happy to have an chat over Zoom, or a coffee in person to talk about your needs and what it is you are looking for, whether you need to source your next opportunity or solve a sales problem.

What our clients say

“DCW brings knowledge which we wouldn't necessarily hold ourselves. Knowledge about local area and what's the commercial viability of the site would be. Their honest, approachable, reliable, trustworthy and that's why we work with them. ”

Claire Griffiths


Dean Ward Profile Picture

Dean Ward is the founder and CEO of the DCW Group, a professional residential and commercial development consultancy which assists, guides and supports its clients through every stage of a development project. Taking care of the myriad of technicalities that they are likely to encounter, the DCW Group, with Dean at the helm, brings every vision to life.
Dean is an industry expert in both land and sales strategy, having worked for a number of large businesses including Barratt Homes, Countrywide Residential Development, Wates Residential on the Cardiff Living Project (CHPP). With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Dean has a vast and detailed understanding of all aspects of residential development.
Dean is now the proud owner of a consultancy business with the knowledge and experience to help other companies succeed. He has always been passionate about seeing projects through to fruition; witnessing a plot of land be transformed into a development. Dean is driven to be involved with creating, inspiring and redefining the industry as we know it.
DCW Group was formed in November 2018; harnessing his experience and drive, Dean decided that he could instill change, bringing something new and sought after to the industry. The DCW Group is unique in that it specializes in market intelligence, land sourcing and open-market sales consultancy. They’re a team based on knowledge and experience – they really have “been there and got the T-shirt” as Dean says. Priding itself on being honest, credible and professional.

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